Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do we still warn people when there's a lot of pictures in a post?

Yes, I'm a bad blogger...blah blah, self flagellation, blah.

But really, I've been busy. With this (which is homework and a darn cozy fire, if you can't tell)

And this fuzzy creature of doom,
The fluff is sometimes too much to handle.

And spending as much time as I can with this handsome fella. I mean, really, how can you go wrong?!

My hubsby! All mine!

I digress, though. So, despite being the "bad bad blogger", I'm back. With more sewing adventures. I mean, wow, the last dress I was working on ("Let's get it done for Thanksgiving! I have a whole week!" she chirped) is in the final stages of completion, and my goodness if it isn't orange. Ok, coral orange. But awfully orange. I love it. with a navy cardigan and belt, perfection. I'm a little worried, though, because right now it looks nothing like the pattern envelope. 

Please forgive the pile of laundry, instead, admire the drapes!
That's the dress, and I love it, it's making me super happy. But the envelope looks more...done.

Definitely more structure than I've got going on. I blame Pearl and her giant neck. She's such a fat cow some days.

So that's the news from the top of the Stoneleigh. (my building has the single coolest name, ever) I'll be back at a more reasonable hour to share the great pattern bargain of the month, and discuss wearing black for my own wedding!