Thursday, September 27, 2012

Illness has laid me low!

A week ago I started out a project.

With this:

And this:

But it's still not done! Eight gores, one zip, a facing, and a hem, and it's still not done. In fact, it's looked like this...

...for most of the last three days, while I've sat and convalesced.

 I'm disappointed in my immune system.

You see, I've gotten a new job in the corporate world. My last job required a uniform, so I didn't need a good, professional wardrobe. Since I got the news about the new job a month ago it's been a scramble to get my clothes in order. Right now I'm heavy on cotton day dresses and flannel skirts, but light on crepe blouses and business-like skirts. So mad sewing has occurred, and now I have enough to get me through the first month and plenty of fabric to make things to get me through the rest of it.

I won't lie, I like the pressure.

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