Monday, October 15, 2012

As a wise woman once said, "Eff this, where's my camera? I'm going to blog!"

It looks so much better when I'm the one filling it out
I finished the skirt. I really did. Took me a bit longer than expected, and I'm still not sure about the facing, but it's done, it's wearable. In fact, I've worn it to work. Twice. Yeah.

Pardon the state of undress that Pearl is in. She's been busy lately holding up a man's shirt that I'm repurposing into an awesome blouse for me.

Men used to be tiny. That or I'm frickin' huge.

It's going to be amazing. I'm going to be the envy of the bowling league. If we had a bowling league.

I guess the office will just look at me like I'm some crazy Mennonite in heels and mid-century prints.

I've made other things, too! I had this great print cotton jersey. I've never sewed with knits before. I think I'm in love. It went together like a dream. Three nights of mad sewing and I had a full on dress.

Check out the cleavage baring properties of this baby! Yowza!
This it it:

Self-covered Buttons! 

Rounded collar and print.


My homework suffered, but I have pretty new clothes. Except, now I have to slave away at a research paper instead of turning cotton crepe into a fluffy blouse. Life isn't fair.

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